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KBtatts Tattoo Pen (EB-Tatt)

Easy-to-use, battery-operated tatoo pen. This pen was designed by a 13-year old girl and her father, who has been a tattoo artist for over 20 years. Just try this pen and you will see the difference! It has been specially designed to make clean, straight lines.

Comes with:

  • Tattoo pen
  • One needle
  • 2 ink wells
  • Case
  • Instructions

Includes 1 bottle of black ink.

See the KBtatts Tattoo Pen in action!



$50.00 Each

KBtatts Tattoo Ink (EB-INK)

Black ink for KBtatts Tattoo Pen, 1/2oz bottle, human-grade.



$5.50 Ea Quantity: Options:

KBtatts Replacement Needle (KB-NEED)

Replacement needle for KBtatts Tattoo Pen. This is made especially for the KBtatts pen, and will not fit other models. It is a 5round needle. .



$3.50 Each

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