We offer a variety of toys to keep your pet occupied, stimulated, and happy. Nothing is more pleasing than watching your favorite pet playing with his/her favorite toy. Your pet will find hours of enjoyment with our toys, and he will thank you for it. Handcrafted toys provide your pet with hours of safe fun. FDA approved water soluble food coloring. Perfect for entertaining rats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mice, birds, and prairie dogs.

Product Features
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Birdie Ladder (TOY-Ladder)

  • Crafted from all natural safe twigs and branches
  • Fun for your small pet
  • Promotes natural chewing
  • Great exercise
  • Overall size - 3" x 11" long


$5.00 Each

Birdie Roller (TOY-Roller)

  • Crafted from all natural safe twigs and branches
  • Promotes chewing
  • Hours of fun
  • Overall size - 2.25" diameter


$5.00 Each

Atomic Nutball (TOY-Atomic)

Gnawsome Playtime chew toy!

  • Measures 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"
  • Fun chew toy
  • All natural wood with a nutty surprise inside
  • Promotes good dental health
  • Helps small pets overcome cage boredom
  • Great for small pets that nibble and gnaw


$4.75 Each

Lava and Wood Toy (TOY-Lava2)

  • Features A Unique Combination Of Volcanic Rock Material and Natural Wood Pieces
  • Helps Keep Your Pet S Teeth Trim and Clean While Encouraging Healthy Activity
  • Simply Hang The Toy In Your Pet S Cage and Watch As They Chew and Play The Day Away
  • Ideal For Chinchillas, Rabbits, Rats Or Other Small Animals


$4.00 Each

Lots of Loops Toy (TOY-loop3)

  • Features Natural Loops Made Out Of Wicker, Loofah and Corn Husk Material
  • The Combination Of Materials Helps Reduce Boredom In Small Animals and Provides Pets With Hours Of Playtime Fun
  • Ideal For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats and Other Small Animals


$4.00 Each

Nutty Stick Ball (STKBL-10)

Natural willow branch with a double nutty surprise inside.  Great for all small pets. 



$3.00 Each
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Pumice Pet Chews (PPC-3)

Nature's Own White Pumice Lava Stones.
No chemicals, additives or color dyes.
Keeps teeth & beaks trimmed.
For chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits, mice, rats and other pet rodents; parrots, macaws, parakeets.
Pets love to hold and run with them. 
May be drilled for toys or easily pulverized to make pumice bath dust.

Poly-bagged, 3 stones per bag.


$2.25 Each

Barbell (BAR-00)

  • Made of hardwood
  • Fun to chew!
  • Overall length 4"



$3.00 Each

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