You love your pets and want to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. Our cages help keep them safe and happy, and we offer the following vitamins & supplements to help keep them healthy!

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Rabbit Nutri-Drops (Nutri-rab)

  • Boost the immune system fast
  • Balanced nutrition for young, growing rabbits
  • Maximum support in cold weather
  • Complete nutrition for does producing milk
  • Maintain appetite at weaning

It is measurable in the bloodstream within 10 minutes
50% is absorbed in 30 minutes
99% utilization.

For Rapid Response feed directly in mouth. 1cc per 3 lbs body weight. For showing or shipping: give on arrival.
As a Nutrition Supplement add to drinking water: 3/4 tsp to 1 gallon water for minimum of 3 to 5 days. 



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Quintrex Aqua-C (M-ACx)

Crystalline Ascorbic Acid U.S.P. 100% water soluble Vitamin C for guinea pigs. Use 1/4 teaspoon to each gallon of drinking water. Each level quarter teaspoon provides approximately 1000 mg. pure water-soluble Vitamin C.


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Quintrex Aqua-Lyte (M-ALx)

A water-soluble mineral mixture for use in rabbits' drinking water. Encourages water intake, while replacing needed electrolyte minerals, which are lost in excreted water. A small amount daily helps keep your rabbits in top condition, on feed, ready to handle potential stress. 1 oz treats up to 12 gal of water.



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Quintrex Aqua-Vite (M-AVx)

A water-soluble vitamin complex for use in the drinking water of small animals and birds.


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